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Mar 8, 2019


When it came to planning my new Davis Sanders home, there were a few “must haves” that I wanted to include. Having owned several second-hand homes and renovated many of them, it was great to be able to start with a clean slate and incorporate my ideas and ideal features into the build and not have to retrofit later.

In my kitchen I opted to have two fill height, double pantry cupboards in preference to a walk-in pantry as I wanted to use that space to increase the size of the master bedroom. In the top half of one of these pantry cupboards I requested that the joinery install pocket doors which provides a fabulous appliance cupboard that houses my jug, toaster, coffee machine and microwave. In the bottom half of both pantry cupboards I installed drawers hidden behind the cabinet doors. Gone are the days of being on my hands and knees trying to find something in the bottom of a cupboard at floor level.

One of the handiest features I installed is a sensor light in my hallway. I can now enter my home from the garage with arms full of groceries safe in the knowledge that as soon as I open the door the light will come on and light my way through to the kitchen. It is also fantastic at night for guests heading to the bathroom.

As with all Davis Sanders Homes builds, I met the electrician on site, prior to his commencement. This gave me the opportunity to discuss future garden lighting, power to my future fountain and NBN connection all of which he was able to provide previsions for to be accessed at a later date. I also wanted to hang a chandelier in my bathroom which required considerable discussion regarding the legal requirements, such as voltage and positioning around water. Having direct communication with the electrician was invaluable, saving, time and money and preventing the need to try and add additional features after the home had been completed.

At the time of building, Davis Sanders Homes organized the installation of my home security system. This system is a back to base system however I requested that at a later stage I would like to install cameras. These were outside of my budget at the time of construction however all the cabling was put in place so that these cameras could be installed simply, at a later time. Nothing was too much trouble and my future needs were accommodated right throughout the build.

Having regular contact with my Site Supervisor allowed me to request extra noggins be placed in a couple of particular spots where I wanted to hang heavy ornate mirrors and my wall mounted TV’s. This saved time trying to locate studs and fiddling with wall mounts and then hoping that my mirrors would stay on the wall.

One of the best things about building with Davis Sanders Homes is that I had the freedom to change or modify anything I liked, prior to contract and was not restricted by the inflexibility of many other builders. This allowed me to design, with the help and expertise of the staff at Master Kitchens and Joinery, my own custom joinery for my lounge room, kitchen and laundry. The results are beautiful, functional and exactly what I wanted in my home.

Thinking ahead, asking questions of the team that were charged with caring for me and my home throughout the process made for a smooth and very rewarding journey. I got the home of my dreams that is ready when I am, to add the extra things on my wish list.