Apr 7, 2018

Custom Designing Dream Homes

Planning to build a new home for most of us means a trip to the bank manager, organising for the sale of our existing home, careful timing and of course sticking to our budget whilst not compromising on our dreams or expectations.

But, just where do you start and how much is it going to cost. When can you expect to move in and when will you put your home on the market for sale?

A visit to one of the Davis Sanders display homes and a chat with one of our professional sales staff will provide you with many of these answers. The beauty of dealing with Davis Sanders Homes is that they can provide you with a complete building service. The choice is yours, whether you choose from one of the set plan home designs or choose to design your own home using the Davis Sanders in house design service.

At Davis Sanders Homes, we specialise in the design of individual energy efficient homes to suit the specific needs of our clients. We don't want to compromise the quality and performance of your new home by limiting your choices to "off the shelf" plans. Perhaps you have an unusual site, or particular design qualities you are trying to achieve - maybe you've got a whole lot of ideas but just don't quite know how to put it all together - then our individually tailored designs are your solution.

Our Building Designers have created many award-winning homes and are very experienced at balancing creative flair with functional and practical ideas.

An individual design does not necessarily mean a "prestige home" with a "prestige price tag". Many of our custom designed and built homes are modest in size and budget. Good design principles don't cost any extra, but, unlike many builders, we have a Building Designer with the expertise to put good design principles into practice.

We believe everyone who builds a home should do it properly, that's why every client has access to our personalised Design Service. Even if you only want to build a small townhouse, the principles of siting, planning, style and construction to suit your lifestyle, are as equally important as if you were building a prestige home.

The logic behind our design process is simple - we address such issues as: size, budget, site specifications, environmental conditions, energy use, lifestyle, materials, style, inclusions and colours, and then create a design that meets those requirements and of course, you.

If you are thinking of building a custom designed home, consider the benefits of being able to consult our Building Designer for as long as it takes to create the home of your dreams - someone who works closely to your budget, liaises with all members of the production team and offers a professional and complete design service (as part of Davis Sanders Homes' services) without sending you a "designer bill"!