colour my world
Jun 14, 2018

Colour My World - Your Selection Day

Colours, Colours, Colours

When it comes to planning the ‘colours’ for your new Davis Sanders Home it is often seen as a very daunting task. However you will find that your day spent with the colour consultant will be an extremely rewarding and fun experience.

There is such a vast difference between each client when doing colours, as we all have different personalities reflecting different decorating styles, different lifestyles and tastes in furniture. It’s the job of the colour consultant to find out just what type of person each individual client is and make their home reflect their personality.

Each client has already worked through the process of home design, developing a floor plan and an overall style for their new home. It can be daunting when it comes to the colour selection process, clients want their homes to look a certain way and it can get confusing with so many products and colours to choose from.

Colour selection is a step by step process and one choice naturally leads onto the next. For example the process almost always starts with the colour of the roof and this usually dictates the entire look of the exterior of the home.

Window choices naturally take these colours inside every room in the house, so must be considered carefully. Some styles of home really dictate their own colour scheme to a degree, like the use of traditional colours of sandstone and charcoal for Georgian styled homes or heritage colours for Victorian homes. Many Davis Sanders homes are contemporary Australian homes with northern sun lighting up interiors where possible.

Many clients who visit our display homes, like to reproduce some aspects of them, as it is nice to see the finished product and adapt it to their home, while adding personal touches of their own.

Building a new home is a very rewarding process, as every aspect of your home has been chosen by you, right down to handles on cabinets, surfaces in the kitchen, doors, toilets and taps, to particularly suit your taste. Your colour consultant guides you through this process with a view towards the overall look.

Many products and colours come in and out of fashion in the building industry, and using faddish colours is treated with caution. By using softer more classic colour schemes you can add feature walls in bold colours, cushions, prints and other soft furnishings, that way the house can evolve over the years rather than date, as these things are easily changed.

There are so many beautiful products around and there has never been more choice. Some of the newest floor tiles are superb and really set the tone for the whole interior. People are sometimes initially reluctant to have large areas of tiling in place of carpet assuming they would be cold, but with ducted heating they are comfortable and practical. The use of rugs or carpet squares in sitting areas achieves a casual living style that reflects how many people wish to live.

Ultimately your home is your space and you should feel comfortable in it, adding your own things to make it individual and welcoming.

The best attitude is to relax and enjoy the process, listen to advice and make your own decisions and your ‘Colours’ journey it will be a rewarding experience.