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May 9, 2018

Choose the Right Block

Most often the starting point for a new home is choosing the location. Your New Home Consultant can assist you with the process of selection, and advice on the building cost implications, site conditions and access, and general positive and negative aspects associated with your choice of building block.

If you have already purchased a new block of land, your New Home Consultant can analyse all aspects of the block and suggest a design that maximises the positive and minimises the negative aspects of the site. With changes to state and local government building regulations, such as energy ratings and bush fire attack levels, there are some very important factors that may affect how, what and where you can build on a particular block of land.

You may not be aware of the regulations especially those concerning energy ratings, privacy, setbacks, bush fires and other environmental issues. At Davis Sanders Homes our Building Designers are fully conversant with all aspects of these regulations and are constantly updating their knowledge so that you have peace of mind that the home they design is actually a home that can be built.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the site for your home is its orientation. This means, simply where north is. Consider how much north light will be available to the site and if anything is likely to block the sun, especially in winter when the sun is at a lower angle. Are there any buildings or trees to cast shadows on the site? Look at the amount of slope over the area you will want to build on, remembering that building costs can be higher if there is considerable fall over the building area.

Some areas can be subject to strong prevailing winds so if your site is elevated or exposed, you may need to take wind directions into account when looking at the design of the home.

If your block of land has views consider which rooms you will want overlooking the best views.

Neighbouring buildings can have an impact on your site. Councils will regulate how close you can build to adjoining properties as well as identifying what impacts neighbouring houses will have on each other, things such as overlooking into neighbours private yard space, or overshadowing of adjacent property and vice versa.

Before committing to the purchase, check with the Council to see if there are any other regulations restricting your use of the property – for example; covenants, building envelopes, heritage area restrictions, bush fire area restrictions, to mention a few. Most importantly- always choose your site before deciding on your home design and seek advice before you purchase.

At Davis Sanders Homes our Sales Consultants can help you understand some of the pitfall that your block may present and give to a rough idea of what is and isn’t possible with your chosen site. They will happily come with you to visit your site at no cost and offer helpful advice before you purchase.

To make an appointment with one of our friendly Home Consultants please contact us.