Anticon blankets blog
Sep 7, 2018

Anticon blankets keep Davis Sanders homes under control

Did you know that Davis Sanders Luxury Homes include the Bradford Anticon blanket fixed to the roofing as standard. It's an extra layer of protection for your home.

Why does this matter?

- Anticon Blanket is designed to provide efficient ACOUSTIC & THERMAL insulation as well as CONDENSATION CONTROL under roofs.

CONDENSATION: - The name Anticon reflects the anti-condensation function of this product.
Installing Anticon can reduce the risk of condensation forming under your metal roof which can cause damage to plasterboard ceilings and mould growth.

- ACOUSTIC: Anticon is also designed to reduce rain and aircraft noise and can substantially reduce reverberant noise within your Home.

- THERMAL: In winter, around 42% of a home's heat, is lost through the roof and 24% typically lost through the walls. In summer heat flows at similar rates into the home. The inclusion of Anticon can help improve the thermal performance and comfort of your home.

- BUSHFIRE Attack Level (BAL) - The insulation blanket is ideally suited to sealing ember entry points at ridges, valleys and fascia's.


- It is common practice to use high levels of insulation on ONLY THE CEILING to meet energy efficiency and comfort requirements. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increased incidence of condensation forming in roof spaces in cold climates.
- Although ceiling insulation is very effective at keeping the warmth in the home, it is unable to stop vapour (moisture within the air) from the home, passing through the plasterboard and bulk insulation.
- When this vapour contacts a cold surface such as an un-insulated metal roof sheet, condensation droplets can form beneath the roof sheet in the roof space - similar to the droplets on the outside of a bottle removed from the fridge on a warm day.
- To help address condensation formation, 'Anticon' positioned directly against the UNDERSIDE OF THE METAL ROOF SHEET helps stop the vapour in the air from reaching the cold metal roof sheet.
- By insulating the metal roof, the temperature of the Anticon foil facing does not get as cold which reduces the risk of condensation forming.

Your Davis Sanders Luxury Home includes the extra protection of the Anticon Blanket, so you get a superior standard of condensation, acoustic and thermal control.

This is why we think this is an important inclusion in your Home for you and your family.

Reference & Image - Bradford Insulation Anticon Blanket