Design a Home in Wodonga, Southern NSW & Regional Victoria


We’re different because we genuinely believe that no two homes can be the same. After all, no two people are the same - that’s why we keep your needs at the centre of every decision. Let us create a home that’s just right for you.

Boutique quality - big capabilities

Since our very first days, we’ve been building close and trusted relationships with a wide range of suppliers and trade professionals. This has given us the ability to construct pretty much any home while still providing value for money that usually only large companies can offer. In essence, we give you the personalised service you expect from a local company, but with the capabilities of a national builder.

Flexible designs that can be modified

If you want to change things around a bit, we don’t mind at all. In fact, while our portfolio of floorplans has been carefully designed to appeal to a broad cross-section of homeowners, we know that for many people our plans are just the beginning.

Maybe you want to add a study, extend a living space or modify a bedroom? We can do that, no problems.

We’ll talk through your ideas with you, re-draw any of our set floorplans free of charge, and work out any budget changes. It’s all part of our flexible service to make sure you get the home you really love.

Challenging site? Not a problem

Life isn’t always straightforward, which is what makes it interesting. Home sites are the same.

A stunning view or unique location might mean a sloping block or a quirky shape; maybe tricky soil or an unusual orientation, or maybe you're miles away from the nearest power supply.

But where others would take one look at these challenges and tell you it’s too hard, we’ll assure you that it might actually be easier than you thought! We work through the ways to make your new home possible.

Patience and plain English

Building a new home shouldn't be stressful. The keys to getting through it are patience and open communication.

Our consultants will discuss everything with you and spend as long as you need to make sure your home will be exactly how you want it.

Peace of mind from start to finish

Our primary focus is to exceed your expectations, not only in the quality of the final home we produce, but also in the quality of our personalised service. This means we take extra care to deliver the best service and the best value, while designing and constructing your home to maximise its long-term value.


Of course, it’s not just about looks: environmental sustainability has always been at the forefront of our building practices and designs.

Rest assured, not only will your Davis Sanders home look beautiful, it will also function superbly to stay naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Standard inclusions that are anything but standard

To achieve a quality product, there must be a focus on quality every step of the way. And in order to produce the quality that you expect of us (and that we expect of ourselves!), we provide superior standard inclusions than you’ll often find with other builders.

While you will certainly see this higher level of quality for yourself in each home's finishes and fittings, much of the quality you won’t see - such as the internal construction. From the increased number of frame fastenings to the higher level of insulation, quality is not just a finish for us.

Options that will inspire you

Underlining our commitment to making your new home truly yours, we offer a wide variety of fittings and accessories - the options are as flexible as our floorplans. Such options include facades, flooring, tiles, door accessories, kitchen and bathroom finishes, window and door frames, colour schemes and roofing materials.

In fact, if you see something you like in a magazine or display, chances are that we can match it - or possibly even better it.

Our word is our promise

Our boutique size means that everyone who works on your home - from the Managing Director to the Draftsman - takes a personal interest in your satisfaction. If you have any questions, changes or concerns, we’ll do our best to solve the problem, not just during the building process but well into the life of your new home.


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Lot widths are to be used as a guide only. Lot widths are based on a home without eaves and these will vary depending on the facade chosen, specific estate requirements and individual council guidelines. Please speak to a New Home Consultant for detailed specifications and home pricing. Copyright Davis Sanders Homes Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. All plans are copyright, no part may be used, reproduced or copied by any means or in any form without the prior permission of Davis Sanders Homes Pty Ltd. Photographs and images in this publication may include upgrade options and have been used for illustrative purposes only. They may depict furniture, fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by Davis Sanders Homes and not included as standard in our Impressions Specifications. These items include but are not limited to, landscaping – (including planter boxes, retaining walls, water features, swimming pools, pool fences, decking, screens and decorative landscaping items), fencing, outdoor kitchens and barbeques. All measurement shown are in metres unless stated otherwise.