After 21 years experience building beautiful, quality homes, Davis Sanders knows exactly how to take away the hard work involved in organising the building of your dream home. From the very beginning every effort is made to exceed your expectations.

Our aim is to design and build a quality home that you and your family will love living in. In order to provide you with the home you desire, our team will guide you step by step, at your pace, through the building process, listening to your ideas, analysing your site, and modify your plans should you want changes, whilst working within your budget. It's important to us that you feel involved and in control of the total design and building process.

The team at Davis Sanders Homes will help you make timely decisions about colours and materials and research special materials or construction techniques as required. We will take care of all council approvals, geo-technical surveys, engineer’s drawings and even landscaping if required. If you have any queries or concerns, even if you need to change your mind on something, a member of the team will be there to answer your questions and offer assistance.

The final result will be a beautiful, well planned and comfortable home that reflects your personality and lifestyle... the home you expect and deserve.

Murray Pigdon

Managing Director